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Are you a talented artist (or group of artists) who would like to proudly display your artwork within the community? The Town of Los Gatos is currently accepting applications for Phase II of the Outside the Box Program! The purpose of this program is to enhance the ambiance of our community through environmentally-themed artwork on Town utility boxes. Interested participants must submit this application by December 2, 2016 to be considered. Those who are selected will receive a $500 stipend for their work. Thank you for your interest!

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(Note: designs may be a rough concept and do not need to be completed at actual size)


The five utility boxes above have been selected for Phase II of the Outside the Box Program. Below are the environmental themes for each location:

A.) Environmental Cats Box: For this box, located at Blossom Hill & Union, the theme should incorporate our Los Gatos cats and environmental consciousness. This could include a Los Gatos cat with a background promoting clean air, clean creeks, alternate transportation, etc...

B.) Town Sustainability: For this box, located at University & Main, the theme should centralize around town activities incorporating sustainability. This could include using recycling cans near local eateries, alternative transportation, shopping local, etc...

C.) Promoting Active Lifestyles: For this box, located at Oka & Lark, the theme should stress the importance of active healthy lifestyles. This could include a collage of fitness activities or focusing on one particular outdoor activity, such as walking, hiking, biking, swimming, etc...

D.) Celebrating Open Spaces: For this box, located at College & Pageant, the theme should focus on bringing attention to St. Joseph's Hill Open Space. This could include such things as a trail map or overview point for St. Joseph's Hill.

E.) Keeping Creeks Clean: For this box, located at University & Mullen, the theme should focus on the importance of keeping our creeks clean, which ultimately leads to the Bay. This box could include a graphic that implies this. Please see West Valley Clean Water Program, The Ocean Conservancy, or The Surfrider Foundation for inspiration. 

From the options above, which box(es) would you be the most interested in working with? (Please select all that apply)

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